Wide Hair Straighteners

When it comes to hair straighteners, there’s one thing that’s definitely true – bigger is better, especially if you’ve got a lot of hair to handle. Generally a hair straightener will have plates around one inch wide – to be considered a ‘wide’ straightener, you’ll want to find plates over one and a half inches wide. Most commonly, a ‘wide’ straightener will have plates around 1.75” in width.

The majority of leading hair styling tool manufacturers make a wide hair straightener – but some are better than others. Generally, a wide straightener with rounded edges is preferable as this allows you to make flicks and curls as well as straightening your hair. While ceramic plates are great for providing even, reliable heat, those coated with tourmaline or other particles that generate negative ions will provide the most reliable results.

Popular wide hair straighteners include: the GHD Salon Styler, with all the features you’d expect from the absolute Daddy of hair straighteners, and of course, the kudos that come with owning the most popular hair straightener on earth; the innovative Babyliss ThermaGlass Salon Wide Straightener, with flawless ultra smooth 1.5” wide glass plates and ultra-fast heat up; and the affordable Gold Nano Wet 2 Straight Wide Hair Straightener from Remington, featuring Teflon nano gold ceramic coated plates packed with the defrizzing power of tourmaline.

Other popular brands with wide hair straighteners include Wahl, Corioliss, Palson, T3 and FHI. Because the majority of popular brands make a wide hair straightener, finding one online is easy. However, you’ve got to be sure you read the description carefully – what looks wide in a picture might turn out to be narrow in reality. Also, take care when buying high-end hair straighteners, as popular are often targeted by counterfeiters who sell inferior goods at knock-down prices – buy from merchants who can back up the authenticity of their goods.

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